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Underwater: Sport Fish Michigan Videos

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Michigan Perch Underwater Ice Fishing Video,

Michigan Perch Underwater Ice Fishing Video


From under the ice in 30 feet of water, even the little perch need to eat!

Steelhead Spawning on Gravel Redds,

Steelhead Spawning on Gravel Redds


GoPro video of northern Michigan steelhead taken underwater by a Sport Fish Michigan guide. Featuring females, males, and a surprise largemouth bass on a northern Michigan tributary to Lake Michigan.

Walleye Resting in Platte River,

Walleye Resting in Platte River


Walleyes can hold easily in river current with minimal effort -- making them much better suited to rivers than we often think.

Bass Fishing - Underwater Video,

Bass Fishing - Underwater Video


Watch a smallmouth bass take a Strike King KVD Dreamshot underwater and be reeled in by a Traverse City Bass customer on Grand Traverse Bays.

Bass Moving Bait - Underwater Video,

Bass Moving Bait - Underwater Video


A clever Michigan smallmouth bass guards its nest and moves a drop shot bait off the nest. Bass are very good at moving baits without the angler knowing. Often, they just have the tail end of the bait, as shown in this video. This was on Grand Traverse Bays while fishing with Traverse City Bass Guide Service.

Catch and Release for Bedding Bass - Underwater Video,

Catch and Release for Bedding Bass - Underwater Video


Watch this Michigan smallmouth bass return to its nest shortly after being caught on a drop shot rig on Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City fishing with Traverse City Bass showing the importance of catch & release bass fishing especially during the spawn.

Perch Digging for Food,gopro

Perch Digging for Food


Watch these perch as something triggers them to dig for food!

Alewives and Perch Schooling,

Alewives and Perch Schooling


We were lucky enough to capture some interesting video from a Lake Michigan tributary river that had alewives, shad and some yellow perch schooling in the current.

Minn Kota i-Pilot Hands-Free Fishing,how to, walleye, minn kota, i-pilot, ipilot, fishing tip, technique, fishing electronics

Minn Kota i-Pilot Hands-Free Fishing


Captains Ben Wolfe and Chad Dilts fish for Michigan post-spawn walleye and show you how to get the best results with Minn Kota's i-Pilot system.