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Michigan Salmon Fishing
Vertical Jigging

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Al Lindner Vertical Jigging for Coho Salmon with Sport Fish Michigan

Vertical jigging fishing for King Salmon (Chinook) and Coho Salmon on Lake Michigan - Grand Traverse Bays and Platte Bay - is exciting and fun! Our boats are equipped with the best electronics for targeting Michigan salmon, and our Captains and Guides are vertical jigging experts. Vertical jigging is a light-tackle, hands-on technique that allows you to feel the bite, see and hear your line peeling off the spool during a salmon's lightning-fast run, and experience the excitement of working to reel in king salmon and coho salmon.

More than strong and feisty fighters - salmon are absolutely delicious! At the end of your trip, your Captain or Guide would be happy to assist you with filleting your day's catch so that you can enjoy sharing great dining, and stories about your fishing trip, with family and friends.

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About Michigan Salmon Fishing

Each year, thousands of enormous salmon are present in Lake Michigan, and mid- to late-summer and fall are the best seasons to target them. Mature salmon move closer to shore before making their run into the same Michigan tributary rivers in which they hatched. As their numbers increase nearer to shore, large numbers of salmon can be found cruising through Michigan's bays, including the Grand Traverse Bays and Platte Bay.

Sport Fish Michigan's Captains and Guides know how, when, and where to find salmon. Their expertise, coupled with the state-of-the-art electronics aboard our fleet of charter fishing boats, take all the guesswork out of salmon fishing - ensuring that you'll have a fun day catching salmon!

Hook n' Look's host, Kim Stricker, enjoyed a day of coho salmon fishing with Sport Fish Michigan, and here's what he had to say about the experience:

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Vertical Jigging - Precision Lake Fishing

Captain Ben Wolfe of Sport Fish Michigan explains the basics of vertical jigging, a technique that can be used for many Lake Michigan species, in this AnglingBuzz TV Technique of the Week video about Vertical Jigging for Great Lakes Trout:

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