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Sport Fish Michigan Captains and Guides each operate with their own cancellation policy, and it is best to consult with your Captain or Guide regarding their specific policies regarding cancelling a trip. In most cases, a deposit is forfeited, or a portion of the trip cost is forfeited if a trip is cancelled within 14 days of its scheduled date and not rebooked at the time of cancellation.

Each Sport Fish Michigan Captain and Guide is a professional, and will work with every customer as best they can to accommodate changes of date should something arise. It is the Sport Fish Michigan policy to allow each Captain and Guide to make the final determination regarding safety. At the sole discretion of each Captain and Guide, a safety determination will be made as to whether to continue, to postpone, or cancel a scheduled trip. It is also at their discretion whether or not to charge a customer for a trip deposit, or a percentage of the trip cost, if a customer cancels their trip without rescheduling.